Sole proprietorships, partnerships and companies

• feasibility analysis of the entrepreneurial project;

• economic and cash flow examination of the project;

• preliminary tax planning;

• administrative structure organisation;

• initial tax obligations;

• relations among shareholders,shareholders’ and extra-social agreements;

• fringe benefits and training personnel.


Corporate financial area

• relations with financial institutions and Basel 2;

• analysis of interim financial statements, profitability analysis;

• planning, diagnosis and control of the financial structure and forecasting requirements;

• share capital transactions (increases, reductions);

• assessing alternative investments (real estate, plant, machinery);

• drafting budget and business plan;

• assessment and comparison with competitors.


Tax area

• ordinary tax consultancy services;

• tax consultancy services in relations with foreign countries;

• tax declarations;

• tax-related assistance and issuance of the stamp of approval;

• tax concessions;

• extraordinary tax consultancy services;

• tax litigation.


Corporate law area

• consultancy services relating to corporate statutory laws and regulations;

• assigning the stakes of an SRL (consultancy services and deeds of assignment);

• contractual consultancy services;

• appointments conferred on the Board of Statutory Auditors;

• appointments as auditor;

• legal consultancy services for acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs, transformations, winding-up, taking over, assigning shareholdings and share capital transactions.


Accounting area

• keeping of the financial accounting and management accouting;

• preparing and transmitting the intrastat forms;

• preparing the lists of transactions concerning black-listed countries;

• drafting financial statements and interim balances;

• complete Chamber of Commerce company searches and special surveys;

• administrative organisation, training personnel;

• drafting budget and business plan.


Audit area

• statutory audit of accounts;

• mandatory or voluntary audits of financial statements and areas of financial statements;

• checking the correct application of accounting standards;

• checking the correct application of statutory laws and regulations;

• accounting due diligence;

• boards of statutory auditors.


Benchmark area

• comparison with competitor companies performed using modern tools to analyse the economic and cash flow data disclosed in the financial statements;

• complete Chamber of Commerce company searches;

• special surveys.


Business evaluation and extraordinary transactions area

• evaluations concerning equity, earnings and goodwill;

• assistance in the negotiation phase;

• business, branch of business and participating interests evaluation reports;

• assistance during extraordinary conferral transactions, transfers or acquisitions, mergers and spin-offs;

• tax consultancy and assistance services;

• notary assistance;

• voluntary liquidation;

• management taken over by third parties;

• business assignments and leases.