Tax Area

 • Tax declaration;

• compiling ISEE model and 730 tax declaration;

• statements and fulfillments related to indirect and local taxes (IMU, TASI);

• personal tax consultancy services;

• assistance at tax offices;

• assistance in tax compliance cases;

• request for division into instalments of Equitalia collection notices and reporting of irregularities;

• tax litigation;

• tax payment by F24 model.


Economic and financial area

 • Financial consultancy services (mortgages, planning);

• investments assessment;

• company shareholdings management.


Contractual area

 • Assistance in the sale and purchase of movable property and real estate;

• consulting activity in the drafting and drawing up of contracts concerning general right in rem; properties; usufruct, land lease, long lease, use, occupancy and predial servitude rights;

• consulting activity in the drafting of contracts in general;

• assistance in the sale and purchase of company shareholdings;

• equity and family estate planning;

• lease and rent contracts;

• labour, company contracts and other contracts.


Legal Area

           – family law

• Consulting and legal assistance in Family Law;

• Consulting and legal assistance in legal separation and divorce practices;

• Consulting and assistance in the field of child custody;

• State actions;

• Interdiction, disqualification, support management.

             – civil law

• Consulting in the condominium field;

• Consulting activity , judicial and extrajudicial assistance related to property, possession and rights in rem defense;

• Assistance in the judicial and extrajudicial stages of debt recovery;

• Medical responsibility and medical malpractice;

• Claim for damages;

• Eviction procedures.

            – criminal law

• Consulting and assistance in criminal law matters:

Crimes against the family;

• Crimes against the person (life and personal safety, honor, individual freedom, home inviolability);

• Crimes against honor;

• Crimes against patrimony;

• Psychotropic substances and drug-related crimes;

• Weapons-related crimes;

• Police fines.