Employment Consultancy area

• Company classification study: CCNL, social security and insurance;

• Worker classification study: self-employed, semi-subordinate employee, employee;

• Budget submission for personnel costs;

• Drawing up of individual contracts including particular clauses (benefits, agreements, derogations etc.);

• Drawing up of corporate employment contracts;

• Drawing up of companies disciplinary regulations also in terms of safety at work;

• Consulting on the running of disciplinary procedures;

• Consulting on company crisis procedures (CIG, solidarity, other procedures);

• Consulting on employment relationships’ resolutions;

• Consulting and assistance in case of supervisory bodies inspections also concerning safety at work;

• Extrajudicial consulting on labour disputes, experts’ reports;

• Consulting and assistance with regard to calls for tender, incentive measures, other tools linked to facilitated access to companies;

• Drawing up of the personnel balance sheet and deviations verification;

• Company requirements study and drawing up of training projects for the use of inter-professional funds;

• Training of the company human resource in order to fulfill the roles of human resources manager, attendance recording operator , personnel director;


Personnel administration

• Calculation, printing and dispatching of remunerations and pay slips with the possibility to generate files for the arrangement of automatic credit transfers;

• Management of the personnel monthly events: absences due to illness, accidents, maternity, 104, other paid or unpaid absences;

• Calculation of social security and insurance contributions and of withholding taxes, with relative preparation of payment models F24 and eventual data transmission to the Agenzia delle Entrate for the current account debits;

• Preparation and transmission of monthly contributive notifications and to eventual others bodies to which the company adheres (bilateral bodies, pension funds, extended health care, trade unions etc.);

• Participation in inter-professional funds;

• Drawing up of prospectuses for the salaries collection in accounting;

• Preparation and transmission of annual declarations such as the salary statement and the self-assessment of the INAIL premium;

• Drawing up and transmission of certifications reporting the incomes dispensed to the company collaborators (CU, CUD, 770);

• Drawing up of accident notifications;

• Setting up of administrative documentation for the personnel (tax deduction letter, ANF, TFR allocation choice, etc.);

• Setting up of information for the company and its staff about interesting innovations;

• Service personalization according to the client’s needs;

• Setting up of financial documentation regarding the labour costs for the balance sheet and the setting up of the UNICO model, IRAP, sector studies etc.


Safety at work

• Verification of the company status;

• Drawing up of the risk assessment document;

• Training organization for people employed in security roles (RSPP, RLS, Fire-fighting, First aid, workers information etc.) in collaboration with bilateral bodies and/or trade associations;

• Assistance and consulting in case of inspections;

• Assumption of the role of RSPP on behalf of a third party;


Services provided by the Fondazione Consulenti per il Lavoro

• Match between labour demand and supply;

• Help in the personnel replacement;

• Labour intermediation;

• Establishment of traineeships.

• Assumption of the role of RSPP on behalf of a third party;


Other activities

• Social security and insurance consulting;

• administrative litigation in the social security field;

• administrative litigation in the field of labour sanctions.