PCG- Pesenti Consulting Group belongs to   team, an association for the development of the enterprise culture, oriented towards the improvement of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs’ knowledge and the support of aspiring and neo-entrepreneurs’ new ideas. 

Moreover, it collaborates with the following organization:


Issim - social services in the enterprise - Apolitical and non-profit organization that operates in the sector of the corporate social responsibility, offering member companies professional services aimed to the promotion of individual and corporate well-being.



Webstrike - Web agency in Milan which deals with web marketing, web graphic design and with the creation of static and dynamic websites, e-commerce websites, microsites, blogs, forums and landing pages.



Bittersweet - consulting agency for the communication and the organization of events Communication and events agency that helps the small entrepreneurs or freelancers to focus their wishes, motivations and personal skills, in order to define the most appropriated communication


Simone Poggi 

SIMONE POGGI – humanist coach The humanist coach helps to get the targets prearranged by the definition of own business and professional culture, the identification and the training of own personal potential and the development of own business in the way of creative innovation and continuity.